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Winter months are considered the ideal time to enjoy the essence of life. Be it having a great meal, celebrating various festivals, or going out with our friends for a day out, the chilly months do give us the actual “chill” in the spin. But, with great times comes a lot of responsibilities. Unfortunately, every kind of disease such as flu, cold or even teeth, and gum problems are pretty common during the winter months. Here at the Berwyn Dental Connection, we often come across people asking questions about how to take proper care of their gums and teeth during the winter months. It is due to this reason that we chose to upload a blog on this topic. Adopting a few measures can help you with any sort of dental problem during the winter. So, if you have similar doubts, going through the blog can be of effective help.


The fall in temperature paves the path for issues such as cracks in the teeth or teeth sensitivity. We hope that incorporating the tips for winter dental care saves you from such issues.

Visit a dentist

You should be visiting the dentist at regular intervals all round the year. But, the requirement to undergo a detailed delta check-up increases by a number of notches during the winter. A detailed check-up of your teeth and gum will help to diagnose the problem at its early stage and hence make it easier to get resolved. Some people skip dental appointments due to fear and trauma. If you belong to such a group, do not let fear ruin your healthy smile. Go and see a dentist when required and keep your oral health on point.

Change the way you brush

It is advisable to make a few changes in the way your brush if you are suffering from the problem of teeth sensitivity during the cold months. First of all, you need to use a toothbrush that has softer bristles. Hard bristles can do serious damage to both the teeth and gums. You can switch to a toothpaste that has been designed for sensitive teeth. Also, spare some time after a meal before you brush your teeth.

Pay attention to your gums

The bacteria causing flu and cold during the winter months can also be the reason for infection in your gums. Therefore, pay proper heed to your gums and look for the first signs of gum diseases i.e redness and inflammation. You should also use mouthwash at least twice a day to avoid gum infection or other problems.

Drink Water

Consumption of an adequate amount of water is necessary if you want to maintain your oral health during the winter. Less intake of water will cause dehydration which in turn leads to less production of saliva. Now, the primary function of saliva is to wash away the leftover food, bacteria, or germs from your mouth. So less saliva creates the ideal circumstance for the growth of bacteria.

Use a mouthguard

You can also choose to wear a mouthguard and save yourself from the chances of getting prone to injuries or cold. In case of further queries, visiting a dentist can be helpful and draw an end to all such confusions.


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