Extraction of wisdom teeth is a pretty common issue when it comes to modern dentistry. But there are people who remain confused about the entire procedure and the cost of getting it done. Are you one among them? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about. Being the service provider in the line of dentistry for a notable span of time, we have often come across questions i.e why should one get dental bridges for a missing tooth? Or what is the cost for tooth extraction? Keeping all such things in mind, Berwyn Dental Connection has come up with this covering all the information related to cost of wisdom teeth removal. 

But before discussing it, there are certain other things which you should be aware of. Firstly, let us talk about wisdom teeth. The third molar teeth which are present at the end of each quadrant of the dentition are known to be wisdom teeth. They are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth of an individual. It generally happens in the late teens or early twenties. It is to be noted that not every person has a wisdom tooth. Some of them are devoid of any whereas some people have four wisdom teeth in their mouth. 

You might be thinking about what causes the need for removal of wisdom teeth? Well, there is no need to remove your wisdom teeth if they are not causing any problem. But, in case of a few conditions, removal of the teeth becomes a must. These circumstances are being provided to you in the pointers below:

    • Crowding – In crowding is caused due to the presence of the other teeth, the wisdom tooth should be extracted. Otherwise, it can cause harm to the adjacent teeth. Misaligned wisdom teeth if erupts in the wrong angle can cause problems for other teeth.
    • Jaw DamageDamage can be caused to your nerves making the jaw hollow. 
    • Problems in GumsEruption of wisdom teeth can also cause problems in cleaning the area which can in turn lead to swelling of the tissue.
    • Sinus IssueWisdom teeth can also be the reason for congestion and sinus pain.
    • Gaps in GumsThe swollen gums can create pockets which contribute to the tooth decay.

There are certain symptoms which if you experience, do not wait for a minute to go and see a dentist. The symptoms are:

    • Tremendous pain behind the molars which slowly increases with time
    • Swelling, redness and tenderness which can further lead to serious infection
    • Bad breath and foul taste
    • Stiffness and pain in the jaw

Consulting a dentist will help you to shed any further hesitation and also clear any doubts such as how much time is required to recover from a wisdom tooth surgery. Following a few tips and easen the process of recovery post surgery.

    • Choose to not rinse the area for a few days
    • In case of discomfort, take the prescribed medicines
    • If you feel the bleeding is more than expected, visit your dentist
    • Swelling is common for a few days to come. Though you can apply an ice pack to avoid excessive swelling.
    • Try to be on liquid diet for a few days
    • Do not skip brushing your teeth at least twice a day but be gentle while rinsing.

Now that you have an idea about wisdom teeth extraction, we are going to let you know about the cost of getting it done. The price to be paid generally varies depending on a few factors such as location of the clinic, the money charged by the dentists, complexity of the surgery etc. But on an average, you will have to pay somewhere around $75 – $200. The cost can go up if you have an impacted tooth. You will then have to pay between $225 – $700 per tooth. Most of the dental insurance plans cover extraction of wisdom teeth, hence you should not worry about the cost.

We hope that the blog has been of help to provide you with information related to wisdom teeth removal and its cost. If you are looking for a dental clinic providing excellent wisdom teeth removal service in or around Stanley Ave, Berwyn, IL, contact Berwyn Dental Solutions, We offer a wide array of dental services at an economical cost.