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Dentist Berwyn, IL

band – metal ring cemented in place around a tooth to allow brackets to attach to the teeth

banding – orthodontic process of fitting and cementing bands to teeth

base – insulating substance used beneath restorations to protect tooth pulp from changes in temperature

benefit – payment for covered dental services by third party insurer

benign – a term used to indicate mild, non-threatening, or non-malignant

bicuspid – tooth located in front of the molars and behind cuspids

bilateral – term meaning both right and left sides are indicated

biopsy – the removal of a small amount of tissue for examination and/or testing

bioinert – material property indicating it causes no physical reaction, such as inflammation or immune response

bite/occlusion – physical relationship between upper and lower teeth when closed

bleaching – whitening of the teeth, generally using a chemical oxidizing agent and/or laser treatment

block injection – anesthetic placed to cause numbness over a large area of the jaw and mouth

block graft – bone graft stabilized with screw, generally used to correct large bone defect

bond – mechanical or chemical adhesion connecting two surfaces, orthodontic appliance seal

bonding –  process of attaching brackets to teeth for braces or restoring teeth with composite resin to repair tooth color or shape

bone atrophy/resorption – loss of bone in jaw, commonly caused by periodontal disease

braces – orthodontic devices used to reposition teeth over time to correct misalignment, generally consisting of brackets and archwires

bracket – ceramic or metal piece cemented to the tooth to hold an archwire for orthodontic treatment

bridge/partial denture – dental prosthetic device used to replace one or more missing teeth, generally attaches to surrounding teeth or implants for support

bruxism – involuntary grinding of the teeth, usually while sleeping, often causing tooth wear, sensitivity, headaches, and jaw pain

buccal – referring to or toward the cheek

What Our Patients Say About Us

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Ivette M
Ivette M
Absolute wonderful staff! Have been coming here for 2 years now and would recommend Berwyn Dental Connection to everyone. Dr. Lares is an exceptional and very knowledgeable dentist who always addresses all of my concerns. I also want to mention how amazing the front desk is! Veronica and Denise always make me feel welcome at all of my visits. Very positive atmosphere!
May 20, 2024
Susana Montano
Susana Montano
Berwyn Dental Connection has wonderful dentists and staff. Everyone is friendly and takes time to answer questions. They are also good with children. My two children are nervous about visiting the dentist but the hygienist and dentist always put them at ease. They let them bring their own toothpaste too!
May 09, 2024
Isis Galvez-De Jesus
Isis Galvez-De Jesus
I had nothing but great experiences and good things to say until today. I received a phone call from a law office to collect a debt. I work long hours and every time I call the office is about to close and nobody picks up. I have left a voicemail asking for a call back to pay my debt and instead received a text message “asking how can we help”. Mind you the attorney that called I thought maybe it was an attorney I was waiting for a call back from and they give the wrong name. I stupidly gave out my name and received a call back a minute later with a voicemail saying they’re attempting to collect a debt. What’s hilarious to me about the whole thing is that I called multiple times after receiving this X-ray service asking about the results because nobody ever called me back with them like I was told would happen when I left. The taller Latina with long black hair who typically takes payments after a visit took my X-rays…..seemed like it was her first time and assured me the dentist would call me. Never did-But you all sure care more about the debt. I’m being charged for something I’ve received no proof or word of with results. I will not be back. The dentist here are amazing but the customer service… although very hospitable seems very money hungry rather than caring.
May 08, 2024
Sandra Piedra
Sandra Piedra
This was a first time visit for my 97 yr old aunt. From the moment we walked into the office we received a warm welcome and Veronica, office staff, greeted my aunt by first name which made her feel she was expected and special. My aunt was experiencing severe pain and required several extractions. Dr. Lares took all the necessary steps to ensure my aunt was comfortable and explained in easy terms what the extraction procedure entailed. My aunt experienced no pain once she was home. Veronica, office staff, called same evening to check on how my aunt was doing and receptive to questions I had. I am so impressed with the professionalism of the staff and care my aunt received, I am switching dentist and further recommended my family members to Dr. Lares. A sincere thank you for the 'EXCELLENT' service and care received.
May 31, 2024
Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker
I had a wonderful experience at this dentist. Everyone is so friendly and supportive. Veronica was so nice on the phone and explained everything to me. Dr Peralta-Sugano made me feel very comfortable as I needed a tooth extracted. I felt nothing!! The dental assistant was also so gentle and friendly. I have found my new dentist!
May 07, 2024

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