Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that removes one or more wisdom teeth, which are the four permanent adult teeth located in the upper and lower rear corners of your mouth. If a wisdom tooth is unable to grow due to discomfort, infection, or other dental issues, it will most likely need to be pulled. A dentist or an oral surgeon can do a wisdom tooth extraction. Even if impacted teeth aren’t currently causing problems, some dentists and oral surgeons suggest wisdom tooth extraction to avoid potential future complications. Learn more about the cost of wisdom teeth removal.

What Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery?

Wisdom tooth removal surgery is often performed as an outpatient treatment by a dentist or oral surgeon. A dentist will recommend this procedure if an examination and X-rays reveal that your wisdom teeth are impacted or may give you dental difficulties in the future. The surgeon will cut the gums and extract the tooth, either whole or in parts. You will be sedated, maybe with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or intravenous (IV) sedation. Your surgeon will choose the best sedative for you based on your degree of comfort as well as the difficulty and quantity of extractions required. We should also be clear about what to expect from a wisdom teeth extraction before proceeding with the procedure.

Reasons Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last permanent teeth that emerge in the mouth. Between the ages of 17 and 25, these teeth normally develop. Some people never develop wisdom teeth. Others have wisdom teeth that erupt naturally, exactly like their other molars and create no complications. Many people have impacted wisdom teeth, which are teeth that do not have enough room to erupt or develop appropriately. Wisdom teeth that are impacted may erupt only partially or not at all. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause:

  • Grow at an angle in the direction of the next tooth (second molar)
  • Grow at an angle toward the back of the mouth
  • Grow straight up or down like normal teeth, but remain locked within the jawbone.
  • Wisdom teeth develop at a right angle to the other teeth, as though the wisdom tooth is “lying down” within the jawbone.

Problems with impacted wisdom teeth

If you have impacted wisdom teeth, you will most likely require it extracted if it causes complications such as:

  • Pain
  • Damage to a neighboring tooth or bone
  • Food and debris have become entrapped behind the wisdom tooth
  • Complications with other teeth-straightening orthodontic treatments
  • Infection or gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Tooth decay in a partially erupted wisdom tooth
  • The development of a fluid-filled sac (cyst) surrounding the wisdom tooth

Preventing future dental problems

Dental experts disagree on the value of extracting impacted wisdom teeth that aren’t causing difficulties. Future complications with impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to predict. However, here’s why preventative extraction is a good idea:

  • Even if you don’t have any symptoms, your wisdom teeth could be infected.
  • When there isn’t enough space for the tooth to emerge, it can be difficult to reach it and properly clean it.
  • Serious issues with wisdom teeth are less common in younger persons.
  • Surgery can be challenging for older people, and complications might occur following surgery.

We hope this blog has provided you with all of the information you need about wisdom teeth extraction. If you are looking for the best wisdom teeth extraction treatment in Berwyn, IL, contact us at Berwyn Dental Connection. Schedule your appointment today.

What to do when a tooth is knocked out?

Tooth getting knocked out is one of the most common dental problems faced by people all across the world. It can happen to people belonging to any age groups. But, you need to know that a knocked-out tooth can be re-planted successfully with the help of proper emergency actions.

As you might have figured out from the title, in this blog we are going to discuss the steps to be executed in case a tooth gets knocked out. So, do not hesitate to go through the sections below in order to draw an end to all questions related to this topic.

Tips to save a Knocked-out tooth

Gathering knowledge about what to do if a tooth falls out can save you from the trouble of teeth loss.

  • Always pick the tooth by the crown – You need to locate the tooth immediately and do not leave it on the floor. You must keep your calm and try to think with a straight mind. Make sure to not touch the root portion of the tooth while picking it up. Hold the crown or the chewing surface.

  • Rinse the tooth with water if it is dirty – The tooth should be rinsed with plain water if it is dirty. You should never use chemicals or soap for rinsing purposes. Also, do not scrub or dry the tooth or wrap it with a tissue.

  • Reinsert the tooth in the socket – Try to reinsert the tooth back into the socket as early as you can. Hold the crown and gently push the tooth or put it above the socket and close your mouth. You to use your fingers to keep the tooth in position and bite down gently.

  • The tooth should remain moist – It is necessary for the tooth to remain wet or moist all the time. This is applicable for all situations – if the tooth is inside your mouth or outside. There are times when people cannot re-insert the tooth back into the socket. You should then put the tooth in a cup and fill it with milk.

  • Contact a dentist as early as possible – The next step is to consult your emergency. It is advisable to reach a dental clinic within 30 minutes of the incident. Though, experts say that a tooth can be saved even if it has been outside the mouth for 60 minutes. Looking for an emergency dentist is not a tough nut to crack anymore. You can search for the “best emergency dentists nearby” on the internet and get a list of options to choose from. 

Going through this blog must have been helpful in letting you know about what to do with a knocked-out tooth. Berwyn Dental Connection will definitely try to come up with blog posts covering such topics in the future days. 

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Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Extraction of wisdom teeth is a pretty common issue when it comes to modern dentistry. But there are people who remain confused about the entire procedure and the cost of getting it done. Are you one among them? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about. Being the service provider in the line of dentistry for a notable span of time, we have often come across questions i.e why should one get dental bridges for a missing tooth? Or what is the cost for tooth extraction? Keeping all such things in mind, Berwyn Dental Connection has come up with this covering all the information related to cost of wisdom teeth removal. 

But before discussing it, there are certain other things which you should be aware of. Firstly, let us talk about wisdom teeth. The third molar teeth which are present at the end of each quadrant of the dentition are known to be wisdom teeth. They are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth of an individual. It generally happens in the late teens or early twenties. It is to be noted that not every person has a wisdom tooth. Some of them are devoid of any whereas some people have four wisdom teeth in their mouth. 

You might be thinking about what causes the need for removal of wisdom teeth? Well, there is no need to remove your wisdom teeth if they are not causing any problem. But, in case of a few conditions, removal of the teeth becomes a must. These circumstances are being provided to you in the pointers below:

    • Crowding – In crowding is caused due to the presence of the other teeth, the wisdom tooth should be extracted. Otherwise, it can cause harm to the adjacent teeth. Misaligned wisdom teeth if erupts in the wrong angle can cause problems for other teeth.
    • Jaw DamageDamage can be caused to your nerves making the jaw hollow. 
    • Problems in GumsEruption of wisdom teeth can also cause problems in cleaning the area which can in turn lead to swelling of the tissue.
    • Sinus IssueWisdom teeth can also be the reason for congestion and sinus pain.
    • Gaps in GumsThe swollen gums can create pockets which contribute to the tooth decay.

There are certain symptoms which if you experience, do not wait for a minute to go and see a dentist. The symptoms are:

    • Tremendous pain behind the molars which slowly increases with time
    • Swelling, redness and tenderness which can further lead to serious infection
    • Bad breath and foul taste
    • Stiffness and pain in the jaw

Consulting a dentist will help you to shed any further hesitation and also clear any doubts such as how much time is required to recover from a wisdom tooth surgery. Following a few tips and easen the process of recovery post surgery.

    • Choose to not rinse the area for a few days
    • In case of discomfort, take the prescribed medicines
    • If you feel the bleeding is more than expected, visit your dentist
    • Swelling is common for a few days to come. Though you can apply an ice pack to avoid excessive swelling.
    • Try to be on liquid diet for a few days
    • Do not skip brushing your teeth at least twice a day but be gentle while rinsing.

Now that you have an idea about wisdom teeth extraction, we are going to let you know about the cost of getting it done. The price to be paid generally varies depending on a few factors such as location of the clinic, the money charged by the dentists, complexity of the surgery etc. But on an average, you will have to pay somewhere around $75 – $200. The cost can go up if you have an impacted tooth. You will then have to pay between $225 – $700 per tooth. Most of the dental insurance plans cover extraction of wisdom teeth, hence you should not worry about the cost.

We hope that the blog has been of help to provide you with information related to wisdom teeth removal and its cost. If you are looking for a dental clinic providing excellent wisdom teeth removal service in or around Stanley Ave, Berwyn, IL, contact Berwyn Dental Solutions, We offer a wide array of dental services at an economical cost.